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Tackle complex topics with these intensive, information-packed optional workshops. Pre-registration is required. If not already registered, visit the Registration desk on site at Mandalay Bay South Convention Center Level 1 prior to the start time of your desired workshop.*

Sunday, April 2

Half-Day Sessions - 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. *Free

Blurring the Line between Developer and Data Scientist with PixieDust

Jose Barbosa, Developer Advocate, Cloud Data Services

Ready to dip your toe into data science? Yes? But where and how do you start? Well, we have an answer: Notebooks and PixieDust! PixieDust is a new open source library that helps data scientists and developers working in Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Spark be more efficient. PixieDust speeds data manipulation and display with features like auto-visualization of Spark DataFrames, real-time Spark Job progress monitoring directly from the Notebook, seamless integration to cloud services, and automated local install of Python and Scala kernels running with Spark. And if you prefer working with a Scala Notebook, no problem! PixieDust can also run on a Scala Kernel—imagine being able to visualize your favorite Python chart engines from a Scala Notebook!

Join us for this workshop and learn how you can use this tool in your own projects to visualize and explore data effortlessly with no coding. As a bonus, we’ll finish with a demo combining Twitter, Watson Tone Analyzer, Spark Streaming, and some fun real-time visualizations—all running within a Notebook.

*This workshop is available at no additional cost with your COLLABORATE 17 — OAUG Forum registration.

Half-Day Sessions - 9 a.m. - Noon - $195

Getting Started With Oracle’s BI Cloud Service (BICS)

John McGale, Performance Architects, Inc.

Have you been curious about Oracle’s BI Cloud Service (BICS), but don’t know how or where to get started? In this half-day class we will be teaching you everything you need to understand about BICS in order to get you up and running and building reports quickly. We will discuss various topics involved in the development process including: loading and modelling data, building reports, and applying security. We will compare and contrast different sizes of solutions starting with self-service and building up to a full-scale warehouse - and discuss implications of each. The format of this class will include a lecture, live demonstration, and multiple Q&A sessions. Please join us for this half-day information packed class on BICS!

Course objectives:

  • Learn about Oracle BI Cloud service solution
  • Understand the process of self-service development and other modes of development
  • Learn how reports and dashboards are built and secured

EBS Upgrade StreetSmarts®, A Guide to Executing Oracle EBS R12.2.x Upgrades

Bill Dunham and Michael Barone, OATC, Inc.

Whether you are upgrading on-premises or in the cloud, this workshop will take you through a step-by-step approach of upgrading to Oracle EBS Applications R12.2.6. We will cover project governance, planning, getting to the first working instance of R12, remediating CEMLIs (customizations, extensions, modifications, localizations, and integrations), functional challenges, and defining, designing, building and executing conference room pilots (CRPs). Attendees will leave this workshop with the knowledge necessary to perform an upgrade internally or with minimal outside assistance. In addition, attendees will leave with a clear understanding of many upgrade issues and problems, documentation references to navigate the upgrade process and the confidence to execute an upgrade project on-time and within budget. Session will cover a variety of topics including program and project management, functional, development and database administration.

Course objectives:

  • Clearly articulate upgrade or implementation project estimating and execution to keep projects on time and within budget
  • Learn about Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrades, architecture, new features and functionality, best practices and processes
  • Walk through a step-by-step guide to upgrade activities and tasks
  • Review, discuss and get recommendations on Oracle EBS security best practices

Half-Day Sessions - 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. - Free*

The Secret to Mastering Subledger Reporting in E-Business Suite

Tim Colleran, Excel4apps

Next-generation reporting solutions are here that connect Oracle with Excel for self-service operational reporting. Discover how Project Managers can identify margins and compare actuals to budgets; how HR can access profiles, hires/terminations, absence and compensation; and how finance can reconcile subledger modules to the GL and close month end faster with real-time Payables dashboards. Transition from Oracle Discoverer by converting and extending your reports using Reports Wand.

Course Objectives:

  • Hear real-life reporting success stories for Projects, HR, and Finance
  • Learn how to achieve self-service operational reporting by connecting Excel to Oracle
  • See a live look at Excel-based alternatives to Discoverer, OBIEE, FSGs and Web ADI

*This workshop is available at no additional cost with your COLLABORATE 17 — OAUG Forum registration.

Full-Day Sessions - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. - $395

E-Business Suite Release 12.2.6 Upgrade Workshop

Mike Swing, TruTek

The wait is over and R12.2 is ready! Attend this workshop for an intensive review of how to upgrade to R12.2.6. This workshop is a condensed version of TruTek’s hands-on, five-day R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade class. We’ll discuss two upgrade paths: the upgrade from to R12.2.6, and the upgrade from R12.1 to R12.26 staged at critical points on multiple servers. We will review on Linux servers: patches to apply, how to resolve issues we’ve encountered (in repeated first pass upgrades to R12.2 and R12.2 training classes), upgrade tuning and show in detail how to apply the necessary patches using the new R12.2 patch utility, AD Online Patching (ADOP). I will also discuss building forward cross edition triggers to create customizations that are fully ADOP compliant.

Course objectives:

  • Learn the patches needed to upgrade to R12.2.6
  • Understand the upgrade paths to R12.2.6
  • Review a live demo of how to patch with Online Patching, ADOP, the new patching utility for R12.2.6

Apps DBA 101: A Day in the Life of an EBS 12.2 DBA

Mike Brown, BlueStar US

The position of an E-Business Suite DBA has been described as being an Oracle DBA with one hand tied behind your back. In this workshop, attendees will receive an overview of the job requirements to be an applications DBA including topics such as the architecture of an E-Business Suite installation, backup and recovery with the E-Business Suite, cloning the production environment for development and testing, patching all three tiers within the EBS and day to day support of the E-Business Suite. Attendees will also be exposed to the extra requirements that are caused by the E-Business Suite on the rest of the infrastructure including the OS and database.

Course objectives:

  • Gain an overview of the duties of an applications DBA over and above the job of a normal Oracle DBA
  • Get an understanding of how to analyze and patch the three major components of an E-Business Suite installation (database, middle tier and the applications)
  • Learn the required setup and maintenance of the applications lifecycle in an E-Business Suite environment moving from development to test to production

Security Best Practices for Oracle E-Business Suite

Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA, Founder and CEO, ERP Risk Advisors

World-renowned expert Jeffrey T. Hare, CPA CISA CIA will provide you his expertise on how to effectively implement application security and internal controls for organizations running Oracle E-Business Suite. He is the author of two books on application security best practices and how to audit Oracle E-Business Suite.

Course objectives:

  • Gain an overview of key elements of the applications that impact security and controls desig
  • Discuss application security best practices for role design
  • Understand internal controls best practices for normal in scope applications

Oracle Master Data Management (MDM) Boot Camp

Mani Kumar Manda, President, Rhapsody Technologies, Inc.

Attendees of this boot camp workshop will learn the definition of Master Data, Master Data Domains and challenges associated with Master Data and the drivers for implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) solutions and how these solutions benefit the organization. With that the focus shifts to the discussion of Oracle’s foot print in the MDM space. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the highlights of the features and functionality of various MDM Hubs offered by Oracle such as Customer Hub (CDH and UCM), Supplier Hub, Product Hub, Site Hub, Hyperion DRM, Fusion Customer Hub and Fusion Product Hub along with Oracle’s flagship Trading Community Architecture (TCA) that forms the foundation for many of the Oracle’s MDM Hubs. Then the focus of the workshop shifts to best practices in MDM and concludes with the discussion about Data Governance and the importance of it to MDM projects. This workshop is an opportunity for attendees to learn basics about MDM and Oracle’s MDM Hubs to facilitate the launch of an MDM initiative at their organizations.

Primavera Sessions

Participate in extended half-day or two hour sessions created for Primavera Users. Pre-registration is required and space is limited; add the desired workshop during conference registration for $35.

Unifier Standards and Libraries - Sunday, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

We’ll take a look at some of the nodes within this module and discuss how each are used.

Course objectives:

  • How to create calendars to be used within projects, project schedules, and schedule activities
  • How calendars affect Task and Record Due Dates
  • How to define and apply foreign currency Exchange Rates
  • How to use Permission Templates to facilitate permissions
  • How to control users’ preferences using User preference Templates and how those templates affect user creation
  • How to allow external emails into shells using the Approved Email List

*Attendees will need to bring their laptops as there will only by a few charging stations available. Please ensure your laptop is Unifier compatible; OS and web browsers.

Unifier Dashboards Using Data Cubes - Sunday, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Learn how to build Data Cubes to be used to create Dynamic Dashboards.

Course objectives:

  • How to create data cubes
  • How data cubes can be used to create dashboards
  • How to create drilldown dashboards
  • How to assign permissions to dashboards to other users

*Attendees will need to bring their laptops as there will only by a few charging stations available. Please ensure your laptop is Unifier compatible; OS and web browsers.

Unifer Design Bundles - Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Once you have completed the design of an object in uDesigner, you need to make it available for use.

Course objectives:

  • How to deploy your object within the development environment to make it ready to test
  • How to tag objects to prepare them for bundling
  • How to move objects to other environments using design bundles
  • How to move objects to other environments using configuration packages

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