EPM Cloud & On-Prem EPM - Hyperion

On-Prem EPM/Hyperion and EPM Cloud users alike can come to COLLABORATE 19: Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community, April 7-11 in San Antonio, Texas, to hear real-world examples and scenarios for choosing the right cloud platform, learn the difference between Infrastructure as a Services, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, public vs private clouds and how all of these relate to Oracle EPM/Hyperion/BI from a pros and cons standpoint.

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What Past Attendees Had to Say

Learn more. This is the one chance a year I get to learn about how to clone better, how to upgrade better, I've learned a lot and want to learn more. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn about anything and everything. How to be a better programmer to how to do the front end better too.