Business Goals/Outcomes

In addition to tracks, we are categorizing presentations by the following Business Goals and Outcomes. After selecting a Primary and SmartTrack, prospective presenters may select one or more Business Goals or Outcomes that applies to their session (but it is not required).

Multi-layered Security Planning

Security has become a top concern for almost all industries and business sizes, but too many organizations continue to segment their security strategy, planning their defenses within the silos of previous business structures and by unit. Learn why it’s important to develop a larger vision for your organization’s security strategy, and how to implement it from your infrastructure up to your application. You’ll also learn about important security design strategies for managing employees, customers and partners.

Performance in the Data Center

The Oracle relational database continues to evolve to include more new features, and as a result, has become even more complicated. On top of all the daily challenges of maintaining a high-performance database, now you have to be sure the data are available 24/7 and compatible with other systems. These sessions will provide DBAs of every experience level and industry with the tools to identify and break through bottlenecks, get insight into tuning best practices (as well as where you should NOT be making changes), and plan proactively for your organization’s future needs.

Managing Rapid Data Growth

There’s a lot of talk about data-driven decision making, and how much information is available today to help businesses grow, but before you can benefit from this data, you have to manage it. Learn how to balance business demands on your current infrastructure to prioritize key processes, plan for continued and exponential data growth, and develop a plan for how to organize and store data to provide the best balance of access, speed and security

Business Transformation Through Big Data

Many enterprises worldwide are using big data analytics for implementing operational strategies and facilitating business transformation. The real-time analysis of data is enabling enterprises worldwide to make quick and effective business decisions — not just in response to trends, but by predicting them before they become obvious. Attendees can learn more about the technologies supporting Big Data management, tools and technologies for analyzing these major workloads, and what the impact of these kinds of analysis can yield.

Applications Development

If you’re looking for growth, leading edge technology and the emergence of new trends, there’s no better area of focus than application development. Mobile devices are creating an incredible demand for real-time engagement and access to data and information, and organizations that want to beat their competitors are looking to application development to help drive customer loyalty, build brand and visibility, enhance business performance and capture even more data. These sessions will help attendees learn more about best practices for application development, provide training on key tools and technologies, and discuss the way development processes are changing the way business is done.

“Lift and Shift” for Current Workloads

Learn how to run any workload, such as on-premise production or test environments, in an enterprise-grade compute/storage/network cloud managed, and supported by Oracle to increase agility and productivity for your business.

New Workloads in the Cloud

While there are plenty of advantages to transitioning existing business processes, applications, tasks or data to a cloud environment, one of the best things you can do for your organization is to take any new projects and plan to deploy them in the Oracle Public Cloud. Whether it’s rapidly provisioning an instance for Real Application Testing, deploying a SaaS-based reporting dashboard, or supporting custom development, there are lots of ways that cloud allows your organization to rapidly scale up and down, quickly deploy applications, and provide strong, secure and powerful platform capabilities. These sessions will include case studies on new cloud deployments, how to make your cloud cost-effective, and ways to integrate your existing on-premises solutions and with your new cloud-based offerings.

Financials & Procurement

Explore ways to Improve process efficiencies in accounts payable, accounts receivable, advanced cost accounting, expense management, fixed asset accounting, general ledgers, and much more to help extend your return on investment. Navigate options to streamline your enterprise business processes with Cloud Financials, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management and more to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

Customer Experience/Marketing

Learn how to bridge the “last mile” to engage with your customers, from marketing through web commerce and sales to support and even field service.


Discover the latest approaches for modern human resources specialists to find and retain the best talent and increase global agility. Learn more about how the products of human resource management, payroll, self-services, and time and labor can streamline your HCM strategy.

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Great networking opportunity. I appreciated the chance to meet with Oracle Globalization team leaders.

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