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Is your organization prepared for GDPR, taking effect May 25? Are you fluent in blockchain? Comfortable with your cloud security? To leverage the opportunities these represent, or in some cases to avoid costly, headline-grabbing catastrophes, you need to understand them. Get educated quickly at COLLABORATE 18. In addition to sessions, you have the opportunity to join the new OAUG Emerging Technologies Special Interest Group (SIG). 

Session highlights include:

Cloud Security

There’s Better Security in the Cloud, But Are You Using the Cloud Securely
Greg Jensen
Senior Product Marketing Director for Oracle Security, Oracle
In this session, learn how to take on the top concerns for cloud adoption regarding security and data protection for all applications and workloads. Hear how successful organizations large and small have implemented and manage consistent security policies to identify threats with automation, analytics, and intelligent technologies across the hybrid data center. Learn about Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (Oracle Identity SOC) capabilities that help organizations prevent, detect, respond to, and predict today’s innovative security threats. Add to your agenda

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New GDPR Regulations

The Data Guardian: Converting GDPR Compliance from a Cost into a Benefit
Sten Vesterli, More Than Code
In preparation for GDPR, organizations are busy hiring Data Protection Officers. Unfortunately, most DPOs are simply hired into organizational cul-de-sacs in preparation for their role as sacrificial lambs to be fired at the first data breach. On the other hand, the Cambridge Analytica brouhaha shows that everybody is waking up to the fact that data is the raw material of the new economy. This presentation argues that since you are already establishing a DPO office, you should take GDPR as an opportunity to instigate the role of Data Guardians with responsibility for data access, integrity, confidentiality, lifecycle, enrichment and monetization. Add to your agenda.

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Emerging Technology & Blockchain

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and Its Implications for Finance
David Haimes
Senior Director in the Oracle Cloud Applications Research and Development Organization, Oracle
In this session learn to look beyond the hype and understand the unique properties of Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies that can bring disruptive capabilities to the enterprise applications market. Hear where Oracle is investing and how you can start to exploit this technology in the short and long term. This session includes deep-dive discussions on a number of specific use cases and provides guidance on where they can be applied best to benefit enterprise customers. Add to your agenda

Emerging Technologies Special Interest Group – Let’s Talk Blockchain
Hans Kolbe, Principal, Celantra Systems; Shyam Nathm, Director, IoT, General Electric (GE); and Rene Frank Roembell, Senior Manager, Celantra Systems
Blockchain is the latest hot topic. It holds a lot of promise, but looks quite confusing at first. While this SIG will be a forum to understand all emerging technology, the focus this session is on Blockchain – the current reality, the multiple variations, and participants of Blockchain. Together we will explore the future impact on business, personal, and legal transaction management. This will our first get-together at the OAUG Collaborate. We will hear presentations on the latest development. We will review Oracle’s and other offerings. We will discuss the mission and activities of the Group. We expect attendance from Oracle and other Blockchain organizations. Add to your agenda 

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Partner KeynoteL From Chaos to Control — How AI and Robotic Technologies Will Shape the Future

Canon Information & Imaging SolutionsDennis Amorosano
Senior VP and General Manager
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
Don Purpura
VP Engineering
Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
Tuesday, April 24
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Mandalay Bay Ballroom F

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation — we’ve all heard about these technologies, but can they fully automate the business process of the future? How will they impact us beyond automation? In what way will they affect (or disrupt) how we work, the type of work we do, and if we even have work? Can we gain control over business process at a level that has no precedence in the past? The increasing intelligence and collaboration already entering the market are beginning to shift our organizational roles — to blend IT and Business, and allow us to acquire knowledge and manage information in an entirely new way. Join the keynote session by Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, consistently ranked in the top 3 in U.S. patents, to hear unique perspectives on how AI and Robotics will shape the future.

  • Hear us share perspectives gathered from our R&D labs, customers embarking on digital transformation, and down-to-earth business consultants alike.
  • Learn about the future of business processes such as Finance & Accounting, Procurement, HR, and more.
  • Find out how disruptive, cutting edge innovation is seeping into business process, the benefits it can bring to your organization, and how it will impact us as workers.
  • Hear real-world examples of what the innovations can do for companies of all sizes.
  • Learn how you can prepare your organization and personnel to maximize the benefits of these new innovative technologies.

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