April 22-26, 2018
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Presenter Information

Accepted Presenters

Welcome to the OAUG Forum Presenter Information page. Here you will find important information and guidelines to help ensure a successful presentation experience at COLLABORATE for both you and the attendees. Please read through all of the information below and contact Mike Jones if you have any questions.

Presenter Orientation Webinar

Download the orientation slide deck.

OAUG Presentation Management System

Please visit the OAUG Presentation Management System to access the tasks for your accepted session and upload your presentation slides and white paper files. Please note that presentations are required to use the official COLLABORATE PowerPoint template.

Important Deadlines

Failure to adhere to the deadlines will result in the cancellation of your session(s) and your complimentary conference registration will be voided.

  • February 28, 2018: Presentation Slides with notes Due (a white paper is no longer required); complimentary registration code will be provided once materials are submitted
  • April 5, 2018: Last day to register. Failure to complete advance registration will result in the cancellation of your session and revocation of complimentary conference registration.

COLLABORATE 18 Agenda Builder and Networking App

Please check your session in the COLLABORATE18 App (search by title, session ID #, or your last name). Make sure all information is correct and add the time and day of your session into your calendar (make sure you are not double booked with other sessions or meetings). Then, establish yourself as a COLLABORATE presenter and conference participant in the COLLABORATE 18 agenda builder, add your photo, bio and links to your social networks directly into the COLLABORATE18 App.

Quick Links

Speaker Orientation

Speaker orientation will be held April 11, 2018, at 2 p.m. EDT. Register now.

Presentation Slides Upload Instructions

Log in to the OAUG Presentation Management System to upload your white paper and presentation files prior to the deadline of February 28. Failure to submit the required presentation materials on time will result in the cancellation of your session and revocation of your complimentary conference registration.

Upload Guidelines

  • Files submitted via e-mail will not be accepted; you must use the OAUG Presentation Management System to upload your presentation materials.
  • File size cannot exceed 10MB (no limit on number of pages.)
  • Files must be in PDF format.
  • Files should be named the title of the presentation followed by “_PPT” for presentation slides, “_PPT_Notes” for presentation with notes and “_WP” for white papers (the white paper is no longer required).
  • Submit only one (1) Presentation Slides file per presentation.

Presentation Slides Guidelines

Marketing Your Involvement

  • Spread the news that you're an official COLLABORATE presenter.
  • Presenting at a conference can advance your professional visibility and standing.
  • Invite your professional network who share your interests to attend the conference. 
  • Use the tools provided in the Presenter Marketing Kit to announce your participation. 
  • Remember to link to your session listing(s) in the agenda. 
  • Create a profile in the online agenda to share information, answer questions and grow interest in your session(s) among COLLABORATE participants.

Preparing For Your Presentation

  • Prepare for your session in the same manner as you will deliver it.
  • Time your presentation and know how much time you will spend on key slides.
  • You may use the speaker ready room to prepare for your presentation.
  • Arrive 30-minutes before your session to allow time for set-up and last-minute preparations.
  • Do not adjust the session room equipment or lighting.
  • Please notify the room monitor if you have any issues with your room.
  • Dress code is business casual.
  • Remember that you are required to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you.


  • When the session begins, briefly introduce yourself and proceed with your presentation.
  • Ask attendees to check into your session on the mobile app.
  • Please ask that all mobile phones and pagers be turned to silent mode.
  • Repeat all questions asked so that attendees can hear the question.
  • Sessions will last one hour. We suggest you plan 45 minutes for your presentation and 15 minutes for question-and-answer discussion. Please make sure to end your session on time so the next speaker can begin on time.
  • Encourage attendees to complete the session evaluation in the app. This information helps us select award-winners and future speakers.
  • Slides cannot be replaced or reproduced on-site from original submissions. If you have changes, please notify attendees during your session.

Session Room Set-Up

  • The OAUG will provide the following in all session rooms:
    • Data Projector with VGA Cord
    • Screen
    • Lavaliere Microphone
    • Podium or Table Lectern
    • Wireless Internet
  • Telephones will not be provided.
  • Computers will not be provided. You are responsible for providing your own computer to present your slides.

Speaker Ready Room

The speaker ready room will be located in Breakers Reg. Office North and South. The room is provided for all COLLABORATE speakers so that you may practice your presentation. Please check in at the speaker ready room at least two hours before your session. This room is shared among the presenters of IOUG, OAUG and Quest. The speaker ready room is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Session Cancellations or Substitutions

If you are unable to present, please notify Mike Jones immediately via email at . You are responsible for notifying the OAUG prior to the conference if you are unable to present and for making every attempt to locate another presenter who will present the exact paper as selected by the OAUG. Failure to show for your session or a last-minute cancellation may result in a one-year suspension from presenting at COLLABORATE conferences.

Conference Registration Information

Primary presenters for accepted presentations will receive only one (1) complimentary, non-transferable registration from only one user group regardless of the number of sessions accepted and/or if the speaker is accepted by more than one user group. Speaker audits will be conducted by all user groups to ensure there are no duplicate or unauthorized complimentary registrations. Speakers will receive a complimentary registration code once materials are uploaded via the Presentation Management System.

Failure to complete your reservation by April 5, 2018, will result in the cancellation of your session without notice and forfeiture of your complimentary registration.

Co-presenters will be required to pay conference registration fees and must register via the online registration form.

Housing and Other Expenses

All hotel, travel and other expenses incurred are your responsibility. The OAUG does not provide reimbursement for hotel, travel and other expenses and does not make hotel reservations and other travel related plans on your behalf.

COLLABORATE — OAUG Forum Publication Rights

In the United States, the federal Copyright Act states:

The Copyright Act protects against copying by unauthorized persons of all “original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression.”

Such works include the papers published in the OAUG conference proceedings.

In order to protect your paper, the appropriate symbol and language must be used. This indicates to whom the copyright belongs.

Protection under the Copyright Act is acquired by placing all three of the following on every copy of a protectable work published by authority of the copyright owner in the United States or elsewhere:

  1. the symbol “©” and the word “Copyright;”
  2. the year of the first publication of the work; and
  3. the name of the owner of the copyright.

Failure to place these three items on a published work bars legal action for copyright infringement against any person who, due to the omission of such items, believes that the work has been placed by the author in the public domain and thus can be used without permission or fee by a third party.

Sample Copyright Protection

The OAUG suggests that you protect your copyright to your paper by putting the symbol and language at the bottom center of the first page of your paper: Copyright ©2017 by [Your Name]. The OAUG also suggests that you consult your attorney to ensure that you have properly registered the copyright to your paper.

Ownership of All Rights to Your Paper

By agreeing to include your paper in the OAUG COLLABORATE conference proceedings, and by accepting the compliance agreement, you have indicated to the OAUG that you own all rights to your paper. Please inform the OAUG in writing immediately if you do not own all rights. In addition, if at any time you know or have reason to know that you do not own all rights to your paper, please inform the OAUG at once.

Rights Transfer

By accepting the compliance agreement, you authorize the OAUG to record your presentation (either by audio or video), to publish your presentation material in the OAUG 2018 proceedings and/or future publications of the OAUG, and to produce copies on USB, CD or other formats.

For additional information, please refer to the U.S. Copyright Office home page.

Presenter Questions?

If you have questions or concerns, please contact . Please specify your question or concern and include a contact e-mail address and phone number.

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