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Justify Your Attendance

Do you need managerial approval to attend COLLABORATE? Let us help you make the case to leadership to invest in training and continuing education. The materials in this section will help you to communicate the value of participating in COLLABORATE when requesting attendance approval. If you have career discussions with your manager, tie your career goals and development to the training opportunities you need, then present the relevant educational opportunities offered at COLLABORATE. Explain your strategies for sharing and applying the information you bring back.How to Get Approval: Read our tips for gaining approval (PDF file) to attend COLLABORATE.

  • Build Your Personalized Agenda: Use the online agenda builder to find exactly the sessions you need to inform your current and future projects. Create a profile to save and share your agenda with others! Build an agenda
  • Customized Letter to a Manager: Customize this letter to your manager (Microsoft Word file) to describe the value of attending and request approval. Pair it with your personalized educational agenda. 
  • Calculating the COLLABORATE Return on Investment (ROI): Use the expense worksheet (Microsoft Excel file) to develop a cost estimate for attending and the benefits document to help you define the value of attending COLLABORATE.
  • Prepare a Post-Conference Report: Provide clear proof that your company or organization will benefit when you attend COLLABORATE. A conference report (Microsoft Word file) is a great tool to share with people that did not attend the conference. As you attend each session, take detailed notes and think about how to apply the concepts, techniques and tips from the session to your organization. Good reporting and follow-through will prove the value of attendance.

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Don't forget to register by the early-bird deadline (February 16, 2017) for the lowest rates. 

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